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Entrust Green Guard Services to clean your kitchen exhaust system to NFPA 96 Regulations and ensure no fire hazard.  We clean PCU's also.  

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Deep Steam Cleaning for Kitchens, Bars, Dumpster Areas, Patios Walkways, Parking Garages and may other areas will truly impress your customers and ensure they keep coming back.

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Consulting to ensure the systems are installed, operate and can be kept clean is our specialty, a very valuable service to reduce your TCO- Total Cost of Ownership of Kitchen Exhaust System.

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Tired of having to try to clean your greasy filters? See how Green Guard's Filter Exchange Program can take your kitchen's cleanliness to the next level.

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Sides of fryers and burnt on residue on your kitchen equipment is no match for Green Guards exclusive 370° F vapor cleaning. Utilizing water vapor to clean in areas where water cannot go.  

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Kitchen Exhaust Systems need to be cleaned and operate properly to keep your facility safe, a lot of the time that means understanding what repairs are needed to keep a healthy and safe system. 

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Green Guard offers chemicals for cleaning/degreasing surfaces and drain maintenance.  Great for bar fly and odor reduction.

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Tired of the bottom and sides of your pots and pans having burnt on carbon residue.  Enroll in Green Guard's "Pan Guard" program and ensure your pots and pans are always looking brand new.

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